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Luxembourg, 31 October 2012 20:00



1. Introduction

The members of the Board warmly welcomed all present members of the club.


2. Activity report 2013

The secretary of the club, Mr Zdeněk Soukup, presented the Activity report 2013 (Annex 1).

3. Report of Mr Jakovec, treasurer of the club

The treasurer of the club, Mr Jan Jakovec, presented the report on the club’s finances. The finance situation is stable.


4. Report of Mr Boysa, auditor of the club

The auditor of the club, Mr Tomáš Boysa, presented his report. The Board accepted the auditor’s report.


5. Discharge of the budget

Discharge of the budget was given


6. Dismissal and election of the Board

The Board members resigned from their posts. New Board candidates were presented and they introduced themselves. The introductions were followed by a vote. The GA

approved the post of the tournament to be added to the Board. The Board composition is as follows:


President – Alain Vaillancourt

Vice-President – Sarita Heikkinen

Secretary – Zdeněk Soukup

Deputy Secretary – Henri Montin

Treasurer – Jan Jakovec

Tournament Master – Stanislav Pavlín

Mr Magnus Östlund was named the Honorary Vice-President.


7. Appointment of the auditor for 2013-2014

Mr Tomáš Boysa was appointed the account auditor for the season 2013/2014.


8. Fees for new season

The fees for the new season were approved. The fees are as follows:


Full season: 130 € Once per week full season: 90 € Quarter season: 30 €

Half season: 90 € Once per week half season: 50 €


9. Programme for 2013-2014

Friendly games will be organised against clubs from Luxembourg area. Participation in tournaments is foreseen, namely in the tournaments in Schriesheim, Karlsruhe, Tourcoing and in Arlon.

The participation in the Prague Open was discussed. The team will very likely participate, but the roster will not consist exclusively of the players from the Roude Leiw.


10. Training organization and new members

The Tuesday’s and Thursday’s trainings start at 19:00. All players and the hall must be ready by that time. Use of Bokat.se is mandatory to notify the coaches of your presence or absence in order to prepare the trainings.

New members of the club will be asked to fill in short questionnaire before the first training in order for the club to assess their level of performance. The Tuesday’s trainings will serve as a test for the newcomers.


11. Discussion, any other business

The Board opened the discussion.


The General Assembly was concluded at 22:30.


For the club: Zdeněk Soukup

Luxembourg, 27 November 2013.










Team and players


The floorball club Roude Leiw continued to grow in numbers in 2013.

On 1 September 2013 the club registered more than twenty players who participated in trainings rather on regular basis. We have welcomed some new talents that seem to be a benefit for our club. The overall quality of the players is increasing, also due to more frequent participation of the players in high quality tournaments.


Friendly games


Few friendly games were organised in 2013, mainly with our closest “rival” Loups de Lux Messancy (Belgium). The Loups still wait for their first win in these matches, despite the reinforcement of the team by some of the Roude Leiw’s core players.

More friendly games are foreseen. A floorball club from Nancy would like to play against us. A possibility of organising a small tournament is now discussed. If possible, we would like to finally play against the national team of Belgium; a plan that was on the table already 2 years ago, but had to be cancelled.




We participated in 4 tournaments in 2013 and the results were very positive.

First tournament took place in Schriesheim in May (http://www.schriese-open.de/). We headed to Germany with two teams. The A team, the defending champions, unfortunately lost the final game and finished second. The B team, the best defending team of the tournament, finished on the seventh place.

Beginning of July, the team gathered in Germany for the Giants Open 2013 (http://www.floorball-karlsruhe.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=164&Itemid=4) and made it to the finals. Unfortunately, it was the second place again after losing the final game in the shoot-out (http://giants.timo-koellner.de/index.php?c=results&group=7&s=3).

Turn of August, the team split once more. The A team travelled to Tourcoing (France). After playing many tough games against very good teams from all around Europe the Roude Leiw finished fourth (http://nordiquesfloorballclub.wordpress.com/category/tournoi-international-de-tourcoing/).

The B team went over to Arlon to participate in the 3rd season of the Luxembourg region tournament (https://fr-fr.facebook.com/events/1404028559811397/?ref=22. After the win in 2011 and the second place in 2012, we did it again and the trophy was ours.


Outlook of the 2013/2014 season


The club would like to grow in strength, numbers and quality in the upcoming season. The continuation of the training programme put in place last year should guarantee the desired progress. Should there be enough players, the B-team will be established.

We also plan investments in the infrastructure. Following the purchase of goals in 2013, we will look into the securing of the boards.


Friendly games will be organised against clubs from the Luxembourg area. Hopefully, the postponed friendly game against the national team of Belgium will take place.


Participation in tournaments is foreseen. The tournament agenda will be managed by the tournament master.



For the club:


Zdeněk Soukup, Secretary

Luxembourg, 31 October 2013.

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