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General Assembly 2015


Luxembourg, 4 December 2015 20:00


  1. Introduction

The Board warmly welcomed all present members of the club.

  1. Activity report 2015

Sport Operations Executive Officer, Mr Stanislav Pavlín, presented the Activity report 2015 (Annex 1).

  1. Report of Mr Jakovec, treasurer of the club

Treasurer of the club, Mr Jan Jakovec, presented the report on the club’s finances. The financial situation is stable. However, clarification on the terms and conditions of our insurance contract is needed and on the question why last season’s payment was significantly higher than usual.

  1. Report of Mr Boysa, auditor of the club

Auditor of the club, Mr Tomáš Boysa, presented his report. The Board accepted the auditor’s report.

  1. Discharge of the budget

Discharge of the budget has not been given until the previous season’s insurance payment has been clarified.

  1. Dismissal and election of the Board

The Board members resigned from their posts. New Board candidates were presented and they introduced themselves. The position of PR Executive Officer is abolished for the time being. The Board composition is as follows:

President – Henri Montin

Vice-President – Johan Swedell

Club Secretary – Zdeněk Soukup

Treasurer – Tomáš Boysa

Sport Operations Executive Officer – Stanislav Pavlín

Mr Magnus Östlund remains the Honorary Vice-President.

  1. Appointment of the auditor for 2015/2016

Mr Jan Jakovec was appointed the account auditor for the season 2015/2016.

  1. Fees for new season

The fees for the new season were approved. They remain the same as in the previous season:

Full season: 130 €        Half season: 90 €

  1. Programme for 2015-2016

Participation in tournaments is foreseen, namely in the tournaments in Schriesheim, Tourcoing and in Arlon. The team is also willing to participate in the Czech Open again. The team will be constructed in the same way as it was done in the pastt (the best players from Roude Leiw with support of invited guest players). A potential change in the tournament plan is the option of attending a tournament in Spain, located close to Barcelona and taking place in spring time.

Following last year’s success, a new round of the “Lux league” will be organised. Again Roude Leiw would provide the main participants with the goalies, referees and premises. The “game day” should be once a month and multiple games will be played. The format is foreseen as 3v3 (eventually 5v5 depending on the other teams’ rosters).

The overall aim of 2016 is to increase the visibility of Roude Leiw in order to attract new members and to continue efforts for the creation of a Lux federation. Ways to promote the club will be presented in a separate ‘action plan’ that will be prepared by the President and discussed within the Board.

It is proposed to organise some form of social event such as a pub evening every other month.

  1. Training organisation and new members

Due to the low numbers at trainings, the training organisation will not be discussed further at this point. It is however agreed that a small set of exercises will be performed at the beginning of each training session, such as normal corners and 2-on-1s. This should allow all existing and new members to get used to a standard set of warm-up drills that can be used in future tournaments.

  1. Discussion, any other business

The Board opened the discussion at 20:30.

The General Assembly was concluded at 23:00.

For the club: Henri Montin, Club President

Luxembourg, 7 December 2015.

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