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Welcome to the official portal of Floorball in Luxembourg.

We are a group of international Floorball friends that gathers for two hours, two times a week to sweat and enjoy this great game! We have played together for a bit more than 8 years and we are hoping to find new Floorball friends in Luxembourg.

Who can join us?

Our primary target is, of course, to promote floorball and encourage all those interested in this great sport. However, to keep our training session at a competitive level, we target at recruiting players with prior experience in floorball, field hockey, icehockey or related sports and with decent physical condition. We would kindly ask all players who are interested to contact us before joining our sessions.

Are there any leagues or tournaments taking place in Luxembourg?

We are still in the “early days” of Floorball in Luxembourg. The schools in Luxembourg have played Floorball in schools for several years. We have also heard of some tournaments being played between invited teams; however there are still no official leagues or matches being organized on a national level. As of 2015 we have started a small internal league between 5 different teams. Two teams from our club and 3 from the European School, the European Investment Bank and the European Court.


Do you know about another group of Floorball players practicing in Luxembourg, or close to the Luxembourgish border?

Please, contact us. We are looking for partners and Floorball friends all over Luxembourg and the greater region. We would like to invite all Floorball fans to use this site in order to spread the word and get more organized when it comes to matches/tournaments/starting Floorball Club’s, etc.

We have a cooperation with the Belgian team of Les Loups du Lux from  Messancy. Some of our players have a licence there and plays the Belgian League.

Homepage of the Club: http://www.loupsdulux.be

If you have a team practicing, please inform us about time, place and costs. We will be happy to promote it if it’s open to public.


Can kid’s practice as well?

Of course. However, for the moment we don’t have the facilities or a coach to do the job. Can you help us find something/someone?


How to find us?


You find us in Salle de Sport 2. We play Tuesdays and Thursdays 19-21 hrs. Please contact us no later than 24 hours before your first practice. No practice during Luxembourgish school holidays.

To subscribe or to answers one of the questions above; please contact:info@floorball.lu

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No practice during School Holidays






Please ignore any invitation from bokat.se during these weeks.