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A perfect weekend!

On a cold and rainy Friday afternoon a team of 7 brave floorball players started their journey to Schriesheim, Germany.

The aim was to take part in the biggest floorball tournament in the south of Germany.

The players: Standa (goalie), Juha, Jan C, Henri, Zdenek, Tom, and me (Magnus).

With no information on the other teams, we had no idea what to expect..

The Friday turned out to be almost just as fun and interesting as the Saturday.

After having arrived and checked in to Hotel Krone, we quickly took place in the restaurant.

We were all stunned by the amazing food we were served. The meat was just perfect. Also, in that area of Germany they are enjoying their yearly asparagus season right now.. And so did we..

Also the beer did not let us down, so all in all it was the perfect meal. The drinks and the ambiance after dinner also will not be forgotten any time soon..

Short remark at this place of the story: Juha is no longer to be called Juha. His name from now on is Dr. Kohl. Why? The restaurant has had Dr. Helmut Kohl as a guest and named their biggest portion of meet after him. Juha (Dr. Kohl) ordered this 300g beef and finished it quicker than the others with their normal portions. Respect!!!

After a good but too short night’s sleep, we got together for breakfast and arrived at the site in advance to see some of the other teams play.

To make a long story a bit shorter you can see the results in the PDF document. We walked through the tournament unbeaten…

All players scored and Standa made a great performance as a goalie!

The matches where played 1* 15 min, so it was quite intense. The level of the other teams where quite mixed.

The team also big thanks to Coach Sarita and Chief-photographer Ester (Jan Cabal’s girlfriend)

After a long day of floorball we returned back to Luxembourg to continue the party at Sarita and Dr. Kohl’s place.

Looking back, it truly was a perfect weekend…..

We are currently planning further events like this, so let us know if you would like to join next time.

We could as well set up a second team if many would like to go..

Take care and see you soon at practice!!!



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