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4th place from Tourcoing!

The season 2012 – 2013 came to a head when the team Luxembourg travelled to Tourcoing (France) on 31.8 – 1.9.2013 to take part on the most demanding tournament of the year. This year the level of the tournament was known to be really high since the organizers had been able to attract quality teams from Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, France, UK, Germany and Belgium. Last year, our team finished on 3th place so we definitely wanted to do well enough this year too. However, all of us knew that it wouldn’t be easy on such a high-level tournament.

The starting point of the tournament wasn’t easy for us. We lacked several of our leading players and the team which travelled to Tourcoing was really young but also motivated. Due to the lack of players, we got two defenders from the team Grizzlys du Hainaut (France) who learned our game-system extremely fast and together with our Swedish star Mathias, became the backbone of our defense. Our team had never even practiced all-together but we knew that if we would try our best and fight as hard as we could, we would have a possibility to surprise everyone – including ourselves.

AND SO WE DID! We played as a team since the first game and got the extremely important wins from the first two games. The quarter-final against the Finnish team was a true benchmark of the tournament where we were able to come from two goals behind and finally gained the victory with the penalty shots. Special thanks belong to our amazing goalie, Standa, who made some great saves and ensured our semifinal place with his solid performance!

The second day started with the semifinals against the Dutch champions. The game wasn’t the best from us and this time the other team was just better. Maybe our legs were still on a bed (the game started at 09.00!) or our stomach was still full due to the amazing meal that we had enjoyed the evening before but in this game we didn’t stand a change. The Dutch team entered to the finals and we continued our journey to the Bronze game.

The Bronze game was against the French Champions which was already a familiar team to us from the last year. We knew that they were able to play some good floorball and that they would have couple of really good attackers. For the Bronze-medal, we would have to perform our best.

Finally, the game was extremely tight. We got so many opportunities to score and so did the opponent. It could have been either or but this time the French team was better and gained the victory during the additional time and won the game 0-1. However, the 4th place tasted bitter only for a while as we realized that the 4th place in this tournament from the almost completely new team was a great achievement! 3 victories, one loss and a defeat at the additional time concluded our tournament and we are extremely proud of our team! Great job Roude Leiw!



Goalie: Standa

Defenders: Mathias, Nicolas (France), Aurèlien (France)

Forwards: Juha (amazing 7+1 and 5th place on the final standings!), Topias, Henri, Sarita, Suvi, Daniel R. and Daniel M.


– Sarita

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